Getting Lirc and LCDd working with the Sasem USB remote

Okay, it's a quick and nasty page to help out with owners of the Dign HV5, or D.Vine 5, or others with the Sasem USB LCD/Remote.


This patch has now made it into Lirc CVS. You should probably get the driver from there, and report any problems to the Lirc mailing list. Any feedback would be appreciated.

First Attempt

Basically I ported the Lirc driver (from 0.7.0) to kernel 2.6. It *should* still work with kernel 2.4, although I haven't tested it. I've also added the code that provides LCDproc access to the LCD endpoint of the USB device. You can get the patch here [link deleted].

Second Attempt

The second attempt tries to fix an annoying side effect with the way the remote sends "repeat" codes. The remote will send a real code the first time, and then send a repeat code if the button is held down (or pressed in quick succession). The problem arises if a second button is pressed, the receiver misses it, and the repeat codes are repeating the first button press. Grrr...

So I give the remote 250ms to send a repeat code, otherwise it is ignored. This is enough time to catch a genuine repeat code, and fast enough to avoid the second "lost" button press and then receiving its repeat code. Get the second attempt here [link deleted].

Now when the remote gets it wrong it will do nothing, rather than doing the wrong thing. You still have to stop pushing buttons long enough for the remote to send a real code again. Why it doesn't just send a real code everytime is beyond me!

Third Attempt

I rewrote the driver based on the lirc_imon code. Now it should be stable, and the VFD will work with the iMon driver in LCDproc.


If you want to use LCDproc from CVS (0.5), the iMon driver will work with the latest lirc_sasem module. Note: the contrast ioctl is not supported.

If you still wish to use LCDproc 0.4.5, I have a patch here. Note that it patches the Makefile directly, and is slightly different to the original patch by Oliver Stabel. It seems that MythTV 0.18 doesn't work quite right with the CVS version (yet!).

I guess the 0.4.5 patch will also work with the iMon remote, except the driver is called "Sasem".

Standalone VFD Driver

If you don't want to use the IR functionality (and just use the VFD), there is a kernel driver here.

Tim Davies << tim at opensystems dot net dot au >>